On Thursday, July 28th student leaders from campus ministries across the West Coast will be travelling to St. Albert’s Priory in Oakland, CA (the “home” of the Western Dominican Province) for a four-day program of formation.

The Dominican Institute of Student Ministry (DISM) holds this annual conference for student leaders of Dominican Newman Centers of the Western Province. During the weekend, student leaders will come together to pray, share best practices and experiences in ministry, participate in formation workshops, and understand more deeply the Dominican charism.

Three of our 2022-23 Undergraduate Resident Campus Ministers (“Residents”) will be attending the conference along with Fr. Cody, the Director of Campus Ministry. Fr. Cody attended DISM in 2009 as a student leader from the University of Washington. There are scheduled to be over 40 student leaders from over 5 campuses in attendance.



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