Since 2019, St. Catherine’s has hosted a Thanksgiving Dinner for our student community.

At the University of Utah there are many students who are from out of state that do not go home for Thanksgiving. Why? Many of them are attempting to gain resident status for in-state tuition, which limits the number of times that they can travel outside of the state. To make matters more complicated, the University dorm cafeterias are not open on Thanksgiving Thursday or Friday! In 2019, parents of our students reached out to see if St. Catherine’s could host a Thanksgiving Dinner for students who remain on campus. With generous donations from parents out of state, and with nearby volunteers, we have been able to have these Thanksgiving Dinners.

We advertise the event on our social media, and post fliers at the dorms. You don’t have to be Catholic to eat a free Thanksgiving Dinner!

Please invite any students you know who might be away from home this year. RSVP not required.

Volunteers (with food, especially!) are welcome. Please email Fr. Cody at to coordinate.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to fund the event can do so on our regular donation page, selecting “Thanksgiving Meals 2022” as the donation option.


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