365 Days for Life

Today marks the end of 9 Days For Life, a novena launched by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops around the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. As every year, tens of thousands gathered in Washington DC on Friday, despite the forecasted snowstorm, to walk peacefully and show their support for the life of the unborn. Most state capitols got flooded by hundreds of pro-lifers, reminding their legislators about the trauma of millions of their constituents affected directly or indirectly by abortion over the past decades.

Those activities are extremely important as they hopefully awake us from a complacent slumber and (re)open our eyes to the loss of so many lives and to suffering of so many women and men; yet we need to remember that as Christians we have a duty to be for life 365 days a year, and when we say “life,” we mean all stages of it, as we commit to identify and fight against any threat to its dignity. Perhaps it would be useful to look at the prayer intentions the 9 Days For Life team assigned to each day of the novena, and once again take them to heart as we look for ways of bringing the Gospel of Life to life:

Day 1: For the conversion of all hearts and the end to abortion.

Day 2: May those near the end of their lives receive medical care that respects their dignity and protects their lives.

Day 3: May those who long for a child of their own be filled with trust in God’s loving plan.

Day 4: May children awaiting adoption be welcomed into loving families.

Day 5: For an end to the use of the death penalty in our country.

Day 6: May all people reject pornography and discover the true meaning of love through an encounter and relationship with Christ.

Day 7: May each person suffering from the loss of a child through abortion find hope & healing in Christ.

Day 8: For an end to all domestic violence.

Day 9: May we see and live the truth that every life is a good and perfect gift, and that our lives—all our lives—are worth living.