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170 South University Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84102


Liturgy Schedule


  • Morning Prayer: 7:50 am
  • Midday Prayer: 11:50am
  • Daily Mass: 12:10pm
  • Rosary: Following 12:10pm Mass
  • Evening Prayer: 5:30pm


  • Reconciliation: 4:00pm, and any day by appointment
  • Mass: 5:00pm


  • Mass: 8:30am, 10:45am, 6:30pm

Sister Nancy

Catherine of Siena: A Woman For Our Times When: Sunday Dec 11th, 1pm Where: St. Catherine of Siena Catholic …›

Mass on the Grass

On August 28th we celebrated our annual Mass on the Grass on the campus of the University of Utah. About 200 people attended this event on President’s Lawn. The weather was beautiful as we celebrated the Liturgy to kick off the school year. Several new students attended as well as current students and year-round parishioners. …›

Campus Ministry

Looking for more in this world? Welcome to the Newman Center We’re all called to grow fully as a …›

Hike to Cecret Lake

On September 10th a group from St. Catherine’s went on a hike to Cecret Lake. About 27 people …›

Emigration Ridgeline Hike

It started with a brilliant idea of a hike to Lake Catherine. “St. Catherine’s goes to Lake Catherine!”, …›

California Road Trip Pilgrimage

Pil·grim·age  \ˈpil-grə-mij\:  1:  a journey of a pilgrim; especially  :  one to a shrine or a sacred place 2:  the course …›

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