A Note From the Pastor

frlukaszWhy yet another newsletter in your mailbox? Why all of these stories and pictures? Well, it is because we believe in the power of friendship. Yes, it is that bond which arises when we look at something together and  get surprised by a sudden discovery and the thrill of a shared insight: “What? You too? You also see it like I  do!?” C.S. Lewis quotes Emerson saying that, “Do you love me?” means “Do you see the same truth?” – or  at least, “Do you care about the same truth?”

We would like to use this channel to tell you, our parishioners and friends, about the many initiatives,  projects, and events that have blessed St. Catherine’s. These things themselves arise from contemplating,  from seeing together the truth that is alive, which is our living God. Through passing these stories on to you  we hope to invite you to this fascinating vision. It is a vision of a community that passionately loves the truth and keeps itself busy by spreading it because its members simply cannot contain the joy of the shared encounter.

You will hear from us once a month via this newsletter. Now, we would also love to hear from you. Let’s discern together how St. Catherine’s can better fulfill its mission! Our pastoral staff is here to listen so please do not hesitate to contact us with comments and ideas. Most importantly though, let us pray for one another so that we all may tune our hearts to the beauty of Christ, and may He himself direct our steps.