Advent: God’s Healing Touch

How do we as Christians respond to the brokenness of the world? The recent challenges of terrorism and violence certainly call for specific political strategies and international efforts, but we as the disciples of the Incarnate Word have a duty to begin ever anew with a conversion of our hearts. Celebrating Christ’s sovereignty today, walking towards Advent, let’s make sure we bring the wounds of the world to the place where God who is love comes and heals us through his Son. Let’s become vessels of mercy by filling ourselves with the hope for the new world that only Christ can establish.

The season of Advent here at St. Catherine’s will offer multiple ways for each of you to grow in this Christmas hope. I encourage you to take advantage of some of the projects that will be taking place in our community. This may be the beginning of our response to the ugliness of evil.

And here is a little help for you on how to be inspired by the beautiful symbol that will welcome you as you walk into our chapel next Sunday — the Advent wreath. Various objects are placed within the greens of the wreath, symbolizing special virtues and desired qualities:

  • Seed-filled pomegranate, a symbol of fertility
  • Garlic, a symbol of courage and strength
  • Artichoke, a symbol of protection, as its spiny petals safeguard its heart
  • Lavender, a symbol of purity and integrity
  • Cinnamon, a commodity so prized among ancient nations that it was regarded as a gift fit for royalty
  • Four candles, symbols of the Evangelists who bring the Good News of the Messiah

We invite you to participate in our preparations — the Arts & Environment Committee readies our chapel for Advent, and they would love your help. They will begin work next Saturday, November 28, at noon. Join them! Just come to the Gathering Space at noon, or contact Teresa Mixco (801-583-1701) or Millie Richardson (801-949-4769) for details.