California Road Trip Pilgrimage

Pil·grim·age  \ˈpil-grə-mij\: 

  1. 1:  a journey of a pilgrim; especially  :  one to a shrine or a sacred place

  2. 2:  the course of life on earth

The places where our Catholic faith originated here in the West – the Franciscan missions in California – are certainly sacred. This is how the timeless faith in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit entered this very particular place and time, and has been shaping its history ever since. Along with this, there comes the wonderful 150 years old presence of the Dominican friars in this part of the world, embodying even more ancient, 800 years old tradition of the sons and daughters of St. Dominic. And that’s how this campus ministry pilgrimage came about: a journey through the beauty of our messy Catholic history, through the beauty of this land, a metaphor for life. Also, tons of fun 🙂 #catholicway

ca7At St. Albert’s Priory in Oakland, CA, the house of studies for the Western Dominican Province


ca8Dominican stories and spirituality, with Fr. Justin Gable, OP


ca9With the Dominican cloistered nuns in Menlo Park, CA

ca10Exploring the beautiful Stanford campus


ca11Mission San Carlos in Monterey, CA


ca1Point Lobos Park


ca3Camping along CA 1 (Santa Lucia Mountains)


ca2Our guide was the great C.S. Lewis and his “The Great Divorce”


ca5“The Great Divorce” at the Griffith’s Park in LA


ca4Yep. The millennials…