Adoration     Confession     Taizé

Every Wednesday Night at 7:30pm is an opportunity to encounter Christ, Body Blood, Soul and Divinity. It is a welcomed midweek break; a short evening of retreat where one can stop, step away from life’s business, and listen to the Lord once again.

One of Newman’s Dominican Friars will expose our Lord and place Him on the Altar enthroned in a monstrance. For the next 50 minutes one is able to gaze upon our Lord and rest in His presence. The silence and candle lights provide an atmosphere of reflection and reception for one to exam one’s week and listen to the voice of our Lord as He speaks softly through the medium of silence. Interwoven in the silence are songs of praise to our Lord. Taizé music from the back of the chapel aids in silent prayer, and draws one into the worship of our Lord by refocusing one’s active mid-week mind back onto Christ. If you have never been to adoration before, come. Come and sit at the feet of the Lord, come and listen to Him. He draws all to Himself and He is inviting you into His presence, even if just for an hour.

The sacrament of Reconciliation is available during adoration. We all need a Savior in our life. Come, encounter the Love and Mercy of Christ. He desires to wash all clean and set all His people free. As Pope Francis said, “Never forget this: The Lord never gets tired of forgiving us.”