Pastor’s Corner

Pastor’s Corner: On Fasting and Awkwardness

(Why does the Church ask us to wear ashes on our foreheads or fast on certain days? Doesn’t it make us unnecessarily different than everybody else?) Is it always bad to be awkward? Without falling into pride I could say that I’m somewhat of an expert in the area of awkwardness. My particular sense of …›

Nothing But Yourself, Lord!

January 28th is an important date for the Dominican Family as we celebrate the feast day of our brother St. Thomas Aquinas, perhaps the most influential theologian of all times. Ever since his death in 1274, our saint has been through periods of popularity and disfavor, and frequently of misunderstandings as well as of shallow, …›

365 Days for Life

Today marks the end of 9 Days For Life, a novena launched by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops around the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. As every year, tens of thousands gathered in Washington DC on Friday, despite the forecasted snowstorm, to walk peacefully and show their support for the life of the unborn. …›

Windows, Beacons, and Young Canadians

For a religious, there is really no excuse for not being religious. Daily prayers are built into one’s schedule, one lives in a church having access to Blessed Sacrament 24/7, and on top of that one is not only encouraged but actually required by the Canon Law to do a 5 day retreat every year! …›

Rejoice, o Bride and Maiden ever-pure!

Words wear out. Even the deep ones, like love, or Christmas, or God. It takes a poet to awake us from the slumber of those oft-repeated phrases and re-open our eyes to the breath-taking beauty of the mysteries hidden behind them. That is why last Wednesday, instead of explaining once again the theological concepts of …›

Advent: God’s Healing Touch

How do we as Christians respond to the brokenness of the world? The recent challenges of terrorism and violence certainly call for specific political strategies and international efforts, but we as the disciples of the Incarnate Word have a duty to begin ever anew with a conversion of our hearts. Celebrating Christ’s sovereignty today, walking …›

God’s Mercy and Yours

These are the words I and my fellow novices mumbled solemnly while prostrated on the church floor, in response to our superior’s question, “what do you seek?” It was a perfect summer day, back in 2001, and we were making our first religious vows, following the ancient rite of Dominican profession. Little did we know …›

Making Space for Millennials

“O Beauty ever ancient, ever new” – St. Augustine’s famous line here rings with awe over how our God is both unchanged and novel, both constant in His eternal decision of love for us and infinitely fresh in this love’s expressions. And so is His Church, ancient and yet ever new. As this new academic …›

Activism and Grace

Thursday morning at the University of Utah Heritage Center. It’s a chaotic move-in day, freshmen and their parents are everywhere, pushing carts, carrying stuff, running back and forth. Everywhere but at my table. The big red-lettered CATHOLICS ON CAMPUS banner behind me informs everyone who we are, just in case somebody confuses my Dominican habit …›

Wishing and Planning

Be careful what you wish for. I am learning this lesson right now, staring at the screen as dozens of ideas and projects worth mentioning in this week’s Pastor’s Corner are galloping through my head. You see, when I arrived at St. Catherine’s and had to envision the direction my weekly column should go, early …›