Onward and Upward: Newman on the Way of St. James

This past May 28 students and young adults from St. Catherine’s backpacked a part of the Way of St. James in Spain. The pilgrimage on this ancient trail was led by Fr. Lukasz and his Dominican friend from Poland, Fr. Dawid Kolodziejczyk. Read a story by one of those young people, John Esquivel, about what …›

Pilgrimage to Poland

This May Fr. Jacek took a group of Newman Center parishioners and friends to Poland for a 9 …›

Leveraging the Talent: Changes in St. Catherine’s Dominican Leadership

  What makes St. Catherine’s different than other Salt Lake City parishes? Some may mention the liturgy, or architecture, or the strong sense of community. One should definitely mention its character as a university parish, a Newman Center. Now, my hope is that along with these features another quality gets listed: that St. Catherine’s is …›

Dominican Personalities

I’m writing my May reflection from the city of Katowice, Poland, where my mother is undergoing a medical procedure this week. I was blessed enough to have planned this overseas family visit months ago, and now it feels very providential to be here just when I’m needed. The city, some 250 miles away from my …›

Campus Ministry End of Year Update

Campus ministry has been busy the past couple months with providing the students and the University community with several opportunities for spiritual growth. During late March, students and young adults went on a “Surrender to Beauty” retreat in Zion National Park. They learned about the spirituality of the Desert Fathers, who were early Christians that …›

Finding Peace in God: One Person’s Journey in RCIA

Stephen Jackson joined the Church at the Easter Vigil on April 15th. He reflects on his journey to becoming Catholic and his experience with RCIA. The birth of my daughter was an enlightening experience for me. When I looked at my daughter for the first time I saw God. I finally understood the kind of …›

Pastor’s Corner: Let the Truth Shine!

Romano Guardini, one of the most influential 20th century theologians, thoroughly researched the development of Sunday celebrations in early Christian communities. Some people looked at the amount of energy he put into this seemingly narrow topic, and asked what practical impact would the knowledge he gained have on the day-to-day lives of ordinary Christians. To …›

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