Dominican 800th Anniversary

jubilee_logo-bThe Dominican Order is 800 years old! Beginning in November 2015, Dominican friars, sisters, and laity around the world are celebrating their year-long Jubilee. Since St. Catherine’s is a Dominican parish, we believe it gives our entire community an amazing opportunity to learn from the treasury of the Order’s history and spirituality.

The Jubilee’s opening weekend, November 7th-8th, 2015 we hosted a guest preacher, Fr. Serge Propst, OP, a longtime member of the Western Dominican Preaching band. His preaching added a special character to all the masses, but we also had a chance to experience the way Dominicans used to celebrate their Mass for most of their history (until Vatican II in the 1960’s) as the 7:30 PM Sunday Mass this weekend was offered according to the Dominican Rite, in Latin and with Gregorian Chant.

On Monday, November 9th, Fr. Serge delivered a talk called “Prayer, Faith, Preaching: Gospel Spirituality & the Dominican Charism”.  The Second Vatican Council emphasized the “universal call to holiness” of all the baptized. The Dominican charism is particularly suited not only for Dominican friars, sisters, and family, but for highlighting the vocation of every lay man and woman to live a life filled with prayer, imbued with study, and ardent in the preaching mission to bring the salvation of God to the world. Fr. Serge spoke on how the Dominican charism and spirituality can come alive in the hearts of any lay man or woman seeking to draw nearer to Christ and serve God with their whole hearts.

You can learn more about our Jubilee here.