Campus Ministry: Living Like the Apostles

“They devoted themselves to the teaching of the apostles and to the communal life, to the breaking of the bread and to the prayers.”  – Acts 2:42

This has been the unspoken motto of Campus Ministry for fall semester this year. It encapsulates the Dominican pillars of Community, Prayer, Apostolate, and Study. I personally fell in love with this way of balancing life when I was a student at the University of Washington and attending the Dominican ran Newman Center there. This structure elevates our living and allows us to be free in giving ourselves to the important things in life. As a Campus Ministry team at St. Catherine’s we continually focus on these movements towards the Lord, and invite our students to join us in the pilgrimage to Him, who is our beginning and end. The students that we minister to are also serving with us. They are part of the Body, the Church, and their living out of the faith as students creates channels through which Christ dispenses His grace to the University and the world around us.

It is hard to summarize all the work that we have been doing but here are some of our projects this fall semester:

Cate’s Cafe
Our small student coffee lounge has been bustling with new friendships, old acquaintances, and the endless possibilities of encounter. Students sip coffee while studying for upcoming tests and take advantage of the space by engaging each other. Sometimes their discussions are theologically or existentially deep and sometimes they are light, yet full of vitality. We are so grateful for the community support of this project!

Resident Community
The fourth floor at the Newman Center is home to seven wonderful undergraduate students; Alicia, AllyShea, Alberto, Brenda, Vance, Carrie, and Xavier. These students serve the community at St. Catherine’s by providing coffee and doughnuts after Masses on Sunday, and,  in a more thorough way, through their presence and witness to the student community both on Campus and at Newman. Their authentic friendships and mutual pursuit of faith produces a  joy that spills over into our community.

Search Undergrad Retreat
We took 35 undergraduate students up to Eden for a retreat on the first weekend of November. The cool air and fall mountain weather didn’t deter any of them from enjoying the exposure to time away from all of their buy college schedules. The students readily engaged in prayer, reflection, sacraments and conversation.. The best part of the retreat was the fact that, of the 35 students who went up, 19 of them were attendees on the retreat and 17 were students running the retreat. It’s really incredible to watch students build each other up in faith through witnessing to the presence of God in their lives.

Undergrad Night
Every Tuesday, twenty to thirty students get together for a night of fellowship, food and faith! Our discussion topics have included faith and science, philosophy, liturgy, praying with icons, and the rosary.

Small Groups
These groups are led by students, priests, and lay ministers and they offer students the opportunity to discuss a plethora of topics and sources including – Holy Scripture, papal encyclicals, C.S. Lewis, the dignity of women, philosophy, liturgy, and the Churches teaching on sexuality. Our students delve into and encounter the Truth in a small group setting so as to discover and wrestle with faith anew.

Julie Bellefeuille, Campus Minister

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