Family Promise

Every quarter, St. Catherine’s Newman Center has the opportunity to graciously open our doors and give temporary shelter to homeless families in need. Sunday school rooms become bedrooms, the gathering space becomes a family dining room, and kids roam the 3rd floors in their pajamas before bedtime: A Church – Now a Respite from The Storm. Service week is a special experience for the guest families and the volunteers, and it is a time for both to learn and grow through the example of Christ.

Family Promise is a ministry to homeless families, which our parish has been involved in for many years. We house 4 homeless families on the 3rd floor for one week—feeding them, giving them a safe and clean place to sleep. We need about 60 volunteers each time we host Family Promise. The best part is that all the volunteer positions are during the evening, so everyone, even if you work full-time can serve, including families!

Family Promise is a non-profit, interfaith organization that provides shelter to homeless families, provides a safe and nurturing environment for them during a very stressful time in their lives. They are a unique shelter in that they are comprised of; a Day Center where the families receive intensive case management during the day, and a network of area churches that host the families at night. This faith-community response to homelessness utilizes the many resources that congregations have to offer and provides a refuge to the families that are in a homeless situation.

The Family Promise ministry is an opportunity for both students and parish families to get involved. We hope you’ll come share your gifts and help our families when Family Promise visits St. Catherine of Siena, Catholic Newman Center.

For more information, and to view a Volunteer Instructional Video about Family Promise; visit

Contact: Tracy Lewis
Phone Number: 801-205-1224
Email Address: [email protected]