Students, get connected!


The most often asked question, with a very simple answer:
Come to Mass.

The journey of faith begins with the inner movement of grace in the heart, and leads to the encounter with the Most Holy Trinity at the celebration of the Eucharist.

Come to Mass, pray to God, and meet other Catholics.
This is how living the fullness of life in Christ begins.

The “Process”

The Eternal Father calls you, through the Spirit and in his Son, to be and to live as his adopted child.

Come to Holy Mass to encounter the Living God, in his Word and his Body.

At Mass you become a member of the local community, because community (communion) is a work of God himself.

After Mass you’ll have an opportunity meet other Catholics: to socialize, get connected, and find out about the latest events and groups.

What’s next? Life in Christ! Every week, month, semester, and academic year there are new people coming and going. God has given every one of us gifts to manifest as his People: living together the life of faith and growing closer to God.

Every Catholic is called to be a joyful messenger of the Gospel. Through a process of discernment with the local priests, you might discover a particular mission to leadership at
St. Catherine’s.

…it has pleased Him to bring men together as one people, a people which acknowledges Him in truth and serves Him in holiness.

Lumen Gentium, 9

Campus Ministry

The Priests of the Order of Preachers were invited in 1981 to come to Salt Lake City and preach the Gospel and serve the community of the University of Utah. We have been inviting men and women to discover anew the richness of life in Christ. Whether you’re an undergrad, grad student, staff, or faculty, you’ve found the right place!

An Active Undergrad Community

With over 5,000 Catholics enrolled at the University of Utah, every year students discover the richness of the life of faith that is lived at St. Catherine’s. Starting with the sacraments, student leaders plan every year a schedule of bible studies, reading groups, retreats, and social activities (to name a few!)

The Pursuit of Truth

The motto of the Order of Preachers (the Dominicans) is veritas (truth). We strive to build a robust intellectual engagement with faculty, pursuing together a culture of learning and knowledge.

Opportunities for Grads & Professionals

The University of Utah brings passionate and knowledgeable men and women of serious disciplines from all over the world. We strive to connect and encourage Catholics seeking community to come together, grow in faith, and start new groups and initiatives to engage one another and their peers.

Supportive Staff & Faculty

Our community has a number of faculty and staff of the university who are passionate about supporting students. We look for every possibility to connect students in need to the people who can help.

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