Be Who God Meant You to Be

Forming Mature Catholics

At your confirmation, you were given a commission: to go out to all the world, and proclaim the good news. God entrusted the message and mission of the Gospel to his Church. Through the Church we receive a share in this mission. Catholics are called to more than attending Mass on Sundays. We’re to bring the grace of God to every corner of human culture and life.  One day very soon, a great responsibility will be given to you. Maybe it’ll be a career, a family, a community, or a parish. How will you be ready for that day?  How are you preparing for your vocation now?

Have you attended St. Catherine’s, seen the student leaders, and wondered how you might get involved in leadership? Read below to find out how you can join one of St. Catherine’s undergrad leadership programs.


The Residency Program is our most intense and intentional formation path for undergrads. Residents live on the 3rd (men’s) and 4th (women’s) floors of St. Catherine’s. The residency program runs for a full academic year, and is an opportunity for students to grow in faith, community, discern their gifts, and grow in leadership. Residents live at St. Catherine’s rent free, but are required to participate in all aspects of the program.

Applications open at the end of January for the following academic year. Applications are not available online, but can be obtained in person at St. Catherine’s.

Basic Requirements: must be a Catholic in good standing with the Church, and be a college freshman or above at time of application (must have one year experience at campus before the Resident year).


The Student Council is made up of all of the undergraduate leaders at St. Catherine’s, residents included. The council meets weekly to plan upcoming events, and discuss items relevant to the mission, life, and ministry at St. Catherine’s.

Applications for the Student Council open mid-late Spring semester for the upcoming academic year, and can be obtained in person at St. Catherine’s.

Leadership Discernment

Is there something missing at St. Catherine’s? Is there a ministry that you would like to participate in, but doesn’t currently exist? Let’s figure out how to start it! The Leadership Formation Program is an opportunity for students of any year, at any time of the year, to begin discerning their gifts and how they might be put to use for the mission of the Gospel.

At any time of the year, students can begin an individual formation, discernment, and leadership process at St. Catherine’s. Set up a one-time, or regular meetings with the Director of Campus Ministry to start exploring opportunities for ministry and greater involvement at St. Catherine’s.

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