Campus Ministry

Looking for more in this world? Welcome to the Newman Center

We’re all called to grow fully as a people: Mind, Body, and Spirit. Modern society has done a good job under-providing. At the Newman Center you have the opportunity at obtaining what what your worth… more. From Intellectually challenging counter cultural exhortations by Dominican Friars, through backpacking expeditions in Utah’s renowned National Parks, to the source and summit of our faith, Jesus Christ, on earth in the Most Blessed Sacrament, here at St. Catherine of Siena Newman Center we offer more; when one receives more growth is inevitable. Come and See.

A Highlight of our Events

The 6:30 CandleLight Mass: Our primary and most important student ministry, the Celebration of the Holy Mass. Every Sunday during the Academic year we offer an evening Student Candlelight Mass at 6:30 PM. Come to the Source and ascend to the Summit of the faith
–   Feeling called to serve in a liturgical ministry position? Email [email protected]

7:30 Sunday SupperNo matter which Mass you go to, you are always welcome to experience the joy of a shared Sunday meal! Our wonderful parishioners will cook for us. Bring $2 ($3 if you pay with a credit card) or buy a punch card from us at Newman!

Undergrad Night: Community is so important for our faith experience! We were made to be with one another, to learn from each other, and ultimately to find ourselves in giving to another. This is exactly why we have Undergrad Night, to meet and form relationships with other students and to take on the life of faith together! Join us on Tuesdays during the school year for free dinner at 6:30pm followed by fellowship, service, faith formation, prayer, or a guest speaker! We will be rotating what our focus is each week.

Adoration: Every Wednesday Night during the school year there is an opportunity to encounter Christ, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity. It is a welcomed midweek break; a short evening of retreat where one can stop, step away from life’s business, and listen to the Lord once again.  Join us at 7:30pm for adoration, music, and reconciliation.

Cate’s Café: Need somewhere to study and hang out during the day? Bring your homework to our homey coffee shop at St. Catherine’s. We will provide coffee, tea, and WIFI, and you can always swing by the chapel or chat with your favorite Dominican Friar or Campus Minister!

Small Groups: Do you desire a more intimate setting to talk about the big issues of our faith, or to discuss the everyday struggles and joys of life? Our Bible studies and small groups provide this environment! The various groups will meet at different times during the week and will hopefully accommodate your schedule. If you would like to join a small group, email Julie at [email protected]

Hikes / Outdoor Events: Join us once a month, and often more, as we take advantage of Wild Utah and escape into the the beauty of the backcountry on phenomenal day hikes.

Service Trips: We often spend the University scheduled mid semester vacations to go on Alternative Break Trips. These trips serve local and global needs in various places. Check back here for updates as breaks approach and let your faith bear fruit through love towards those in need.

Prayer Vigils: Enter deeper into the mystery of liturgical seasons (Advent, Lent, Pentecost) through an evening of adoration and music.