Welcoming Ministry

Approximately every six months, newcomers to the St. Catherine Catholic Newman Center community are invited to share in a potluck dinner at the Center. Group members help coordinate, schedule, and organize events and dinners to integrate newcomers into the parish. The welcoming ministry needs volunteers to coordinate the dinners. This is a potluck event so it doesn’t take that much effort. Ministry responsibilities include:

  • Communicating with the staff to set a date and time for dinners
  • Writing announcements for the bulletin to announce the dinner
  • Inviting current parishioners to the dinner to greet the newcomers
  • Contacting the new parishioners and personally inviting them to join others at the dinner
  • Coordinating with staff and parishioners to help set up and clear tables for the dinner

After each Mass and as we meet newcomers!

  • Identify Newcomers at each Mass.
  • Provide Newcomers assistance with registration process: (hard copy or on website)
  • Follow up with phone calls/emails to answer questions, obtain feedback about our process, and plan future Newcomer events to facilitate integration into our Parish.

Contact: Doreen Schaetz
Phone Number: 801-557-0715
Email: [email protected]