The Outreach and Support Ministries of the parish are responsible for ensuring that the parish care, social services, peace and justice needs of both the parish and community are being met. We hope and pray that you will bring your time and talents to an outreach ministry that calls you.

Refugee Resettlement Ministry

Bishop John Wester reminds us, “Whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me” (Mt 25:40).

Every year refugee families resettle in Salt Lake City. Refugees relocate in the US because they suffer persecution in their native country. Catholic Community Services (CCS) provides refugees help in their first six months of stay in Salt Lake City. Our parish members partner with CCS to help a refugee families fit into our culture. We help these families, new to our area, in English, home life, community and transportation, hygiene and sanitation, employment and finance.

This exciting ministry is an opportunity for both students and parish families to get involved. All ages, including children, can participate. Come share your God-given gifts and help a refugee family in need! For more information on how you may participate in this ministry, contact Martha Archuleta at 801-883-9354

Family Promise

The mission of Family Promise and our network of congregations is to open our doors and give hospitality to those in need.  Homelessness is a very difficult  social concern with no easy answers or solutions, and unfortunately the number of new families falling into homelessness continues to grow year by year.  “Family Promise” is a non-profit, interfaith organization that provides shelter to homeless families–children and parents during a very stressful time in their life.

Family Promise – Salt Lake was founded in 1995 and is one of 180 Family Promise affiliates across the country, but the only such program in Utah. Various congregations take turns opening their doors and provide temporary shelter to families at a time through a rotation network. This unique shelter model mobilizes existing resources within the faith community to take a hands-on approach to homelessness.

Each week, volunteers work to provide guest families with basic human needs: shelter, safety and sustenance. Just as important, our volunteers also offer the additional services of: comfort, acceptance, and dignity. Both volunteers and guests grow from the Family Promise experience.

To address the growing crisis of family homelessness, Family Promise works diligently to expand our services to include: intensive case management, life-skill tools, Housing Costs, affordable apartments, and a Housing Retention Program which provides post-shelter support. Family Promise is committed to serving homeless families in-need and lessening their trauma, especially for the children.

The Family Promise ministry ministry is an opportunity for both students and parish families to get involved. We hope you’ll come share your gifts and help our families when Family Promise visits St. Catherine of Siena, Catholic Newman Center. If interested in serving in this ministry, please contact Tracy Lewis at 801-205-1224 or [email protected]

St. Vincent de Paul Soup Kitchen

Description: Parishioners assist by making sandwiches and serving meals the first Tuesday of each month.  Volunteers also serve at the Soup Kitchen every fourth Tuesday of the month.  For more information, contact Dennis Kelsch or Dan Schaetz at 801-554-4733.

Catholic Community Services

Description: Since 1945, Catholic Community Services of Utah has been empowering people in need along the Wasatch Front to reach self-sufficiency.  By giving strength to the weakest in our midst, CCS is able to lovingly serve and provide hope to those with the greatest need in our community regardless of race, religion or personal circumstance.  CCS runs Refugee Resettlement, Basic Needs Services and Treatment Services programs all aimed at helping people regain their lives. For more information on how you may participate in this ministry, check out their website at http://www.ccsutah.org/

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