Family Promise

Description: The mission of Family Promise and our network of congregations is to open our doors and give hospitality to those in need.  Homelessness is a very difficult  social concern with no easy answers or solutions, and unfortunately the number of new families falling into homelessness continues to grow year by year.  “Family Promise” is a non-profit, interfaith organization that provides shelter to homeless families–children and parents during a very stressful time in their life.

St. Catherine Catholic Newman Center is one of a dozen churches in the Salt Lake City area that participate in this national program for homeless families with children.  Approximately 4-5 families at any one time rotate on a weekly basis among the participating churches.  The Family Promise Group members provide lodging, meals and other support services for the families during their stay.  About 70 volunteers are needed each week the families are hosted.  St. Catherine’s volunteers offer the families comfort and care through their presence, by sharing a meal, doing a puzzle with the kids, listening, watching TV with the guests, etc.  Numerous volunteers are also needed to setup prior to the arrival of families, to provide food, and clean up when the week is over.  A signup list for various assignments is available prior to the week of hosting homeless families.

The Family Promise appreciates your donations of time, money, food, and other things needed by our guests.  Contact the office or Tracy Lewis at 801-205-1224 for more information or to help with the next week.