Ministry Spotlight: Small Christian Communities

If you are looking a great way to expand your faith and interact with your fellow parishioners, I would highly recommend the Small Christian Communities.  We are a book club with an emphasis on faith formation. Over the last year we have read and discussed three books: “The Joy of the Gospel” by Pope Francis, “The Long Loneliness” by Dorothy Day, and most recently “Twelve Little Ways to Transform Your Heart; Lessons in Holiness and Evangelization from St. Therese of Lisieux” by Susan Muto.

With each new session, parishioners start by signing up in the gathering space. Once Father Peter has all the names, the groups are chosen, trying to balance schedules and to keep the groups of equal size. Groups are between five and seven members and meet weekly. Once everyone has had time to purchase the book, we are given our first assignment (usually the first couple of chapters) and off we go.

We read and then get together each week to discuss. That’s when the fun begins. Group discussions are what it’s all about. As the members get to know each other and become comfortable, the discussions take on a life of their own. We aren’t held to any specific goals (and there is no test!) so we are free to examine whatever we find interesting. I came to a much deeper appreciation of Dorothy Day and St Therese from our group discussions than I ever could have by just reading the books.

And that’s the point. Filtering a subject through the faith experiences of others is fun. It challenges self reflection and deepens friendships. And there are usually snacks!  

So if you like to read and think, or if you just want to get to know a few nice folks, consider the Small Christian Communities. We will have another sign-up period during mid May for a summer session, and then again in early fall.

Louis Wilson