Catholics receive Holy Communion during the Celebration of the Eucharist also known as Mass. As Catholics, we are encouraged to receive Communion regularly as we believe it is truly the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. When receiving communion, we are nourished spiritually by the Lamb of Sacrifice, Jesus Christ.

All Non-Catholics and Catholics who have not yet made their first communion are invited to receive a blessing during communion time. To receive this blessing, simply cross your arms over your chest and the minister will give you a blessing.

Eucharistic Preparation

If you are Catholic but have not received your first communion we invite you to prepare for the sacrament through a series of classes. For children we invite the parents to look at the Religious Education page of our website. For adults we invite you to join the RCIA by contacting Deacon John Keyser  or visit the RCIA page of the web.

Things you will need:

* Certificate of baptism

* Liturgical instruction

* Supportive family or sponsor