Marriage Guidelines
How to say “I do” at St. Catherine’s of Siena Newman Center

Welcome to St. Catherine’s of Siena Newman Center. Marriage is a Sacrament during which you promise to love and cherish each other for the rest of your lives. You are about to marry each other, and a priest or a deacon will guide you through the process and witness your wedding vows. We, at St. Catherine’s would like to help you to keep this promise, therefore we pay a lot of attention to marriage preparation. Let’s start with a general checklist for getting married. This list may vary slightly if you are getting married at another church.


1. The fee for use of the Church for your marriage ceremony is $250. This offering is paid when you are reserving the date for your wedding. This fee is refundable if the date changes or wedding is cancelled. A $100 refundable cleaning deposit is required, also payable at time of reservation. This deposit is refunded if the Church is left clean and in good order.
If you want to get married somewhere else, and go through the marriage preparation with us, the fee for the preparation process is $100. This includes the use of FOCCUS materials, and other expenses.
2. Other Expenses:
– The customary honorarium for the priest/deacon doing the ceremony is $50.
– If an out-of-town priest or deacon is performing the ceremony, the couple provides lodging and meals and pays for travel. A guest room at St. Catherine’s may be used, if available.
– Musicians and vocalists set their own fees, normally paid by the couple at the wedding rehearsal. St Catherine’s musician or cantor/vocalist is approximately $75.
– The civil marriage license is purchased from the Salt Lake County Office located at 2100 South State St.
– If the gathering space at St. Catherine’s is rented for the reception, the rental is subject to separate rental agreement and charges. Refer to Rental Agreement on St. Catherine’s website.

September  2014

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