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Seeing More than Motion in a Picture

Now Showing: True Grit  –  April 9th at 7pm (See add below)

Millions of dollars are spent monthly on producing action and drama in Motion Pictures. But behind all that’s physically visible to the eye is something far more priceless; the meaning. Not every screen writer or producer intends to reveal more than whats displayed in physical reality. Intent or not a screen writer’s thoughts, motives, and beliefs are often seen just as well with the right inspective lens.

From Saint movies to Action movies Siena Cinema is taking you through the screen and into the films to reveal what they say about pop-culture, individuals, and God Himself. You don’t have to be a theologian to come, and if critical analysis of pictures is something you’ve never done before (Wait, Who in our generation has?) then prepare to have your mind blown.

Films are open to all College Students and Young Adults. New Movies will be posted as their scheduled, and they are always free. Check back to see an updated schedule. And “Like” St. Catherine of Siena Newman Center on Facebook to assure you don’t miss out on any upcoming events.

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