St. Catherine’s Urban Pilgrimage on June 25th

Pil·grim·age \ˈpil-grə-mij\: 1: a journey of a pilgrim; especially : one to a shrine or a sacred place; 2: the course of life on earth.

An urban pilgrimage? Why not? Each church in the Valley is a sacred dwelling place of the Lord, and each person on the street is a mysterious habitat of God’s grace. Let’s explore these local wonders as we walk, in the spirit of ancient pilgrims, the streets of Salt Lake City (or Midvale, or Draper).

We invite you to join this 10 mile urban walk that will begin at one of the oldest churches in the valley (the old St. Therese, 1928), and end by one of the newest sanctuaries around (St. John the Baptist, 1999). We will walk on Jordan River Parkway trail and on Porter Rockwell Trail. On our way back we’ll use Trax so bring your Utah card or money for it. If you want to feel like an actual pilgrim – like a modern Santiago de Compostela peregrino – bring a backpack which is 10% of your body weight!

On Saturday, June 25th, meet at St. Catherine’s at 8 AM for carpooling. Otherwise, meet us at St. Therese at 8:30. Bring water and bug repellant. Questions? Email Julie at [email protected]