Pastor: Fr. Lukasz Misko, OP

Father Lukasz Misko, OP PhotoFr. Lukasz Misko (pronounced “Loo-kash”) joined the staff in the summer of 2015. Born in the historic city of Przemysl, Poland, on the crossroads of Western and Eastern Europe, he early fell in love with the richness of both the Christian East and West. Working as a church musician, he came across liturgical music recordings by Dominican Friars. Attracted by the way they sing, Lukasz came to know the way the Dominicans live: with both contemplation and action, both rich community life and pastoral outreach, both learning and teaching. Moved by their preaching and by a contagious joy of their brotherhood, he joined the Order in July 2000. As a friar, he studied philosophy and theology at the Dominican House of Studies in Warsaw and Krakow, and graduated from the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow, Poland, with a master’s degree in theology. Following his ordination to the priesthood in May 2007, Fr. Lukasz worked as a high school teacher in Poland, religious life advisor at Columbia University in NYC, associate pastor at Holy Family Cathedral in Anchorage, AK, and most recently as the associate director at the University of Washington Newman Center in Seattle. Fr. Lukasz loves books, playing music, hiking, coffee, and… people. Especially talking to them. But believe it or not, he can also listen, and he actually enjoys it quite a bit!

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Associate Pastor: Fr. Peter Hannah, OP

Father Peter Hannah, OP PhotoFr. Peter Hannah was born in Temple, Texas, to a military father and a teacher mother. He doesn’t remember the event, but his mother assures him that he was very large–10lb.13oz, which led some observers to think he would turn out to be a Dallas Cowboys linebacker. Instead, he became a priest. And that after a slight detour in college at U.C. San Diego where he entertained visions of becoming a professional golfer while playing on the team there. He was raised Presbyterian in Monterey, California, and, after a long journey through the writings of C.S. Lewis, G.K. Chesterton, Thomas Merton, Cardinal Newman, and other characters, along with much prayer, entered the Catholic Church in August of 2003. He quickly discerned a vocation to the Dominican Order since they (a) have very sharp-looking habits, (b) like to have fun, and (c) combine a contemplative life of prayer and study with an active life of ministry, teaching, and preaching. He is deeply thankful for being recently ordained on May 31st, 2014, and couldn’t be happier now to be a priest serving at St. Catherine’s Newman Center.

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 Associate Pastor: Fr. Jacek Buda, OP

Fr. Jacek Buda, O.P.Father Jacek Buda is a Polish Dominican who comes to us from the Newman Center at the University of Arizona in Tucson. Fr. Jacek was born and raised in Poland, where he joined the Dominican Order and received ordination to the priesthood in 1995. He has been working in the United States since 2000, mostly in campus and high school ministry in New York, Virginia, Minnesota, and Arizona. Here in Utah he will divide his time between Juan Diego Catholic High School and campus ministry at Newman.

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Deacon John Keyser

Deacon John Keyser PhotoDeacon John Keyser was born at an early age.  Deacon John and his wife Barbara are long time residents of Salt Lake City.  They have three adult children: Melisa, residing in the Seattle area; Angela, residing in Salt Lake City; and Steven, residing in the Los Angeles area. Deacon John was ordained in 2000.  Prior to becoming a deacon, he has been serving the church in many capacities. He is a retired police officer with many years of service with the Utah State Highway Patrol.

He is also known for beekeeping, biking, kayaking and climbing trees.

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Office Manager

Sarah Monette

Sarah Monette PhotoSarah Monette moved to Salt Lake City in 2013, when her husband joined the UofU staff.   She and her family immediately fell in love with this city, this campus, and this parish.  After 20 years on the oceans of New England and another 20 on the prairies of Illinois, these mountains can still make her catch her breath – literally.  Born and baptized a Catholic, Sarah was confirmed as an adult and shortly thereafter became a certified catechist.  She had spent most of her career as a Professional Engineer, but assures you that she is enjoying working with you all as actual people, not numbers.

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Lay Campus Minister

Julie Bellefeuille

Julie Bellefeuille PhotoJulie was born in Santa Barbara, CA, to beautiful parents and eight older siblings. The growing family moved to the Lummi Indian Reservation, near Ferndale, WA, where Julie spent most of her childhood enjoying the ocean, mountains and forests of the Pacific Northwest. After graduating from high school, she moved to Seattle to study at the University of Washington, eventually pursuing a degree in Art History. While in college, Julie found the Dominican run Catholic Newman Center on campus. This ministry introduced her to the beauty of Dominican Spirituality and gave her a foundation for deepening her faith through study and prayer. She became involved as a student leader and ministered to her peers in a variety of ways, which included living at Newman for a year of service to the students at UW, leading retreats, developing a small group program and mentoring leaders. Julie loves espresso, stouts, the diversity of the communion of saints, and being immersed in nature. It is her joy to minister to the students at the University of Utah as St. Catherine’s campus minister!

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ECHO Pastoral Assistant

Angie Hall

Angie Hall PhotoAngie was born in Akron, OH where she lived with her parents and younger brother. She attended Bowling Green State University in northwest Ohio and graduated with a degree in marketing and a minor in entrepreneurship in 2013. She immersed herself in the Newman Center and led Bible studies and retreats. After graduation, Angie did a year of service with Amate House in Chicago. She served at at Girls in the Game where she coordinated after school programs and taught students about sports, health, and leadership. The next year Angie worked in retreat ministry with Spiritus. She led confirmation retreats for high school students all over Wisconsin. During this period Angie was thinking about religious life, and in August of last year she discerned with the Apostles of the Interior Life in Lawrence, KS. She worked with the sisters in campus ministry at the St. Lawrence Center at the University of Kansas. Angie loved working in campus ministry, but realized that God was calling her to no longer discern with the order. Trusting that God would show her the next step, Angie entered the Echo program at the University of Notre Dame where she is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Theology. Echo places students in parishes across the country, and Angie is excited to be working at St. Catherine’s in campus ministry. Angie enjoys reading, swing dancing, juggling, hiking, and going on adventures.

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ECHO Pastoral Assistant

Michelle Ahrens

Michelle Ahrens PhotoMichelle was born in Erie, Pennsylvania, where she lived until moving from the Great Lakes to the Salt Lake to work at St. Catherine’s in 2016. She received undergraduate degrees from Mercyhurst University in social work and religious studies, graduating in the spring of 2016. Throughout undergrad, she was involved in youth anti-violence work in her local community, and spent a year living with a Sister of Mercy, while running an after-school program for inner city youth. She also spent two years as a middle school youth minister at a local parish. She is currently a part of the University of Notre Dame Echo program, where she will spend these next two years pursuing a master’s degree in theology, and working at St. Catherine’s. She enjoys any crafting endeavor, such as knitting, basket weaving, or the latest project; sewing her own wedding dress. She also loves coffee, sunrises, and any type of outdoor adventure, and believes that vanilla ice cream, bagels, and fanny packs are all highly underrated.

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Tiffany Martin

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