God endows each of us with many gifts and abilities.  Stewardship allows us to gain an ever increasing awareness of these gifts.  We come to understand that all of our gifts work together for the glory of God. Bishop Wester has noted:  “As the Body of Christ, each of us contributes our unique gifts to make the whole Church complete and rich in talent. We complement each other as we together complement God!”  See the full text of Bishop Wester’s Article As Catholics, We Must be Stewards of Our Talents, Intermountain Catholic Newspaper, October 28, 2011.

Saint Catherine’s Newman Center offers many opportunities for parishioners to share their talents. Prayerfully consider ways that you can share your talents and get involved in the life of the community.

Consider becoming involved in one of these ministries:

Arts and Environment

Music Ministry


If you have other talents that you wish to share with the parish community contact ____________________.

Click Here to see photos of fellow parishioners sharing their time and talents.