As with time and talent, treasure is a gift from God. Everything that we have ultimately comes from God.  We can assume that every gift of our treasure is given by God for a specific purpose.  These  gifts are intended to draw us closer to God.  Bishop Wester notes that we are called to give our treasure freely to others and that, in doing so, we imitate God’s giving nature.  We honor God by helping our brothers and sisters who are created in God’s image.

Bishop  Wester has noted that there are so many who suffer because they do not have the basic necessities of life. “At the end of our lives, God is not going to ask is how much we have but how much we gave. We will be judged on how we loved and one of the best expressions of love is to give of ourselves and of our material goods. As St. Gregory the Great imagined, the righteous in heaven will inhabit houses built of golden bricks cast from the alms given in their lives. Or, put another way by James Forbes, “Nobody gets to heaven without a letter of reference from the poor.” Maybe this is why they say that the takers eat well but the givers sleep well!”  See the full text of Bishop Wester’s article Stewardship Calls Us to Distribute the Gifts God Has Given, Intermountain Catholic Newspaper, November 11, 2011.

As you consider the role of stewardship in you life, consider how best to use the possessions, money, and material goods that God has given to you.  How can you best use these gifts to meet the needs of others.  Below, are some of the ways that you can share your wealth with the Newman Community and those that we serve as a community.


There are several ways to support the parish with your treasure.  You can support the parish through contributions of cash or checks in the baskets passed around at mass.  You can also support the parish through on-line giving.  Online Giving allows you to make contributions without writing checks or worrying about cash donations. Your banking information is never available to any staff member. You can set up automatic contributions and change the timing or the amount of your gift at any time. You may also make one-time donations to special causes. Please click HERE to start ON-LINE GIVING.


Through grace-filled actions, the Diocesan Development Drive touches the lives of many people throughout the state of Utah. Ministries, programs and services, funded through the annual appeal, care for the pastoral needs of Utah families, their children and the many others who seek assistance.  Click HERE to see a list of the many ministries, services and programs supported by the DDD.  Please consider making a pledge during the parish DDD drive.  You can also set up your DDD contributions on line.  Click HERE to start your DDD on-line giving.


Consider supporting one of these Catholic ministries with your treasure

Catholic Community Services of Utah
Western Dominican Province