Student Candlelight Mass

Our primary and most important student ministry is the Celebration of the Holy Mass. Every Sunday during the academic year we offer a Student Candlelight Mass at 6:30 PM, in addition to our morning Masses. After the Candlelight Mass we invite you to Sunday Supper at 7:30 PM in the Gathering Space – come taste delicious food cooked by our wonderful parishioners and celebrate the joy of the Lord’s Day!


There is nothing more important than Jesus Christ and His Church. There is no place on earth to encounter Christ and be His Church more intimately than at the wedding feast of the Lamb where Christ and His bride, we the Church, consummate our marriage. At Mass two become one flesh in the reception of Christ in the Eucharist, Christ and His Church. No other ministry provides as great or as inexhaustible a gift as the Mass; it is the source. No other ministry can ascend higher than the Mass; it is the summit.  This is why Sunday Mass is the source and summit of our campus ministry at the Newman Center, to make anything else primary would be misleading to Christ’s people and foolish. Christ is our source and summit, our light and guide, our Alpha and Omega. Come and encounter Him, body, blood, soul, and divinity.