What If the Body & Soul Are One?


Am I a free spirit trapped in a limited body? Or perhaps all that I am is contained in my physical body, a highly complex organism that has developed superior brain functions? Or, maybe, in me my body and my soul, the physical and the spiritual, become one profound unity? According to the Church, the latter is true.

Now, if the Church has it right, if body and soul are one, what are the
consequences? Potentially, they are countless, and each one of them can take you deeper and deeper into dizzying realms of what it means to be human! Basically, if the Church is right on the body and soul, this truth has a potential to turn your outlook on life upside down. And it’s good. Join us for this Wednesday night young adult summer series that will explore some of the unexpected effects of this beautiful teaching on our lives!

Come, listen, discuss, hang out. Wednesday 6/15 , 6/22, 6/29 at 7pm. St. Catherine of Siena’s Courtyard. Each night will be followed by a social – TBA. Follow us on Facebook!