This past week the parish received a new chalice and patten for the celebration of the Mass. The set is a gift to our parish from a number of friends and benefactors of Fr. Gabriel. It is a great blessing to have this new, precious, set to honor the majesty of the Trinity. May God bless us in our mission of preaching the Gospel at the University of Utah. May God bless our new friends who have joined us in our mission!

For some detailed photos of the new set, please see the pictures below. If you would like to see the beauty of the chalice in person, inquire with one of the priests after a Mass.

The chalice is silver plated on brass. Surrounding the top portion of the chalice are reliefs of the Passion of Our Lord, most fitting for the celebration of that same sacrifice our Lord made on the Cross for our salvation. The bottom features images of the Most Holy Trinity (e.g., the dove, see below) and Our Lady (see below). It is marked underneath “St. Gaul, Switzerland,” possibly a connection with the ancient Catholic monastery in Switzerland.



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